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SWIM LESSONS/WATER SAFETY LIFEGUARDS for parties OCean/open water training

SWIM LESSONS/WATER SAFETY LIFEGUARDS for parties OCean/open water training

SWIM LESSONS/WATER SAFETY LIFEGUARDS for parties OCean/open water trainingSWIM LESSONS/WATER SAFETY LIFEGUARDS for parties OCean/open water training

KUDOS to SWIM HAMPTONS Swim Instructors

East Hampton swim lesson client thank you

• Emerson won swimming star at camp last week. She is swimming unbelievably and when you ask her why she says “Mikayla!”      - Ashley


• My kids have had a great experience with Trevor. They are obsessed with him, but also have improved tremendously in the water. - Jennifer B

• Rachel is great & it’s amazing the progress my daughter made in just 2 Bridgehampton swimming lessons! - Cheryl 

• Thank you, we love Trevor! - Claudia

• Thank you Mikayla and team for such a wonderful summer. Graham learning to swim in just a short months time has been huge for him. Not only has his confidence increased exponentially but so has his body strength. He gets so excited to see Mikayla every week for East Hampton swim lessons and she has been amazing with him. Pushing him when he needs to be pushed but still gentle and fun at the same time. After each 30 minutes swim lesson his skills improve significantly. It was amazing to watch. She has a special gift with children and I’m so grateful to have found her this summer. Can’t thank you enough and we will definitely see you next year for our East Hampton swimming lessons!  - Lucia

East Hampton swimming lessons client thank you

• Thanks for such a great start to the summer! So glad we found you guys! We LOVE Trevor! -  Jackie

• We hired Trevor to help my son, William, get more comfortable in the ocean. Before William started working with Trevor he would not go under the waves or venture out far. Since working with Trevor William is much more confident, ducks under waves and ventures out much further. Trevor was amazing with William. He took the time to build his trust and talk to him about the ocean and the tides. William learned so much. In no time he trusted Trevor and looked forward to every lesson. We highly recommend Trevor and the entire organization. " - Kristin D

• Mikayla was again fantastic. Ethan is almost swimming on his own and is really into it. Cora following closely behind. Mikayla was incredibly clever and patient working with Cora. - Doug & Sandy Davidson​​

• Trevor was terrific with my kids!  My son, a slightly nervous new swimmer, followed him right into the pool and showed no fear as Trevor guided him through fun swimming exercises & games.  Both kids said they can't wait for their next lesson East Hampton swim lesson! –Amy T

Swimming lessons East Hampton  client thank you

• I am grateful to Mikayla, who has taught me how to swim properly over the past 3 weeks & also to regain some confidence after the death of my husband of 50 years.  I have been staying with my family in East Hampton; Mikayla was giving lessons to my daughter-in-law and granddaughter, so I decided to sign on as well.  Although I could do some basic strokes, I had never learned how to breathe.  I am now doing it and am amazed at the progress I’ve made in a short time.  Mikayla  is gifted in teaching children & adults. She has encouraged me to learn a new & rewarding skill at a very difficult time in my life. I also have discovered that one can not swim & grieve at the same time, a welcome break from my heavy grief.  At our last lesson, we talked about offering swim lessons as part of grievance groups!  We think it has promise!  Thank you! - Marjorie S. Greenberg - Washington, D.C.

• Trevor is fantastic with my son. He talks about Trevor all the time…Coach Trevor. And Trevor finally got my daughter to go in the water for 10 minutes - a mini breakthrough. 

– Chris

 • We have had such wonderful experiences with both Mikayla and Trevor. We are so fortunate to have them as coaches & role models for our little ones :) - MM

Water Mill swim lesson client thank you

•  The boys are excited about Trevor going to their Grandmother’s pool today.  They really like him and he has been great.  They even asked if he could baby sit them!  - AS

• Trevor was great with my daughter Sam. We will definitely keep up our East Hampton swim lessons. - Jana 

Southampton swim lesson client thank you

• You guys were great! What a find!  - Robin

• Mikayla has a warm & gentle nature that helps put children at ease during lessons. - Norma,  Aquatics Director  EH YMCA​

• Trevor is irreplaceable for Southampton swim lessons. -RS

swim lesson Water Mill client thank you

• Rachel was great today. You have a lovely team! - Archie

• Hi Mikayla. Thank you so much for all your help with Carson & Colton this past week in the Hamptons!!  You did such a great job getting them comfortable with the water.  Carson made HUGE progress. - Lance

Sag Harbor swim lesson client thank you

 • Trevor was awesome with Sam and Zach.

- Laura F

•   I saw your cards this morning at Khans in town and was ranting and raving about how great you guys are. – Nadia

• Evelyn went underwater for the first time. She is making great strides thanks to Rachel & Mikayla. – Ali 

Montauk swim lesson client thank you

• Huge kudos to Trevor. In 3 days of Southampton swim lessons our daughter went from only wanting to play on the steps in the pool to jumping waves in the ocean and really trying hard to swim on her own. – NP​

• We absolutely love Rachel! She is an exceptional swim teacher and is really gifted! – Jenn

swim lesson sag harbor client thank you

• I cannot begin to tell you how ecstatic I am with Mikayla and thrilled with my son’s Southampton swim lessons. My son had his first lesson not wanting to swim at all. Just a few weeks later he is loving the pool and  wants to learn. Mikayla’s smart training method is very effective. She is extremely professional and nice - a bonus! In addition, my son can be a bit “devilish” but Mikayla has complete patience with him. . - Claudette


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